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You don’t need to spend hundreds, even thousands of Dollars to improve your car as a lot of car’s accessories that you can buy inexpensively will make a huge impact on your car’s looks and performance.

In this guide you will find some of the recommended car accessories available to buy at PartsAvatar and on any other auto parts store!!

Set of Good Headlights


Never underestimate the importance of your car’s lights. This is the vital if anyone wants to avoid becoming a crash statistic. There are a lot of cheaper and expensive car headlight options available in the auto parts store, but for better visibility, you can beat the price.

A set of good car headlights is necessary to be able to drive in dark country roads or to be able to see the animal you are about to hit.

Car Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers are probably ignored. But, when you are caught in rainstorm while driving, you depend on them to clear your car’s windshield and to improve your visibility.

Damaged and cracked wiper blades do not work properly and can scratch your glass. So, for a clear view and your safety check and replace car’s wiper blades. You can also buy winter blades because they can cope with harsh winter climate.

Car Polish


Cars require proper maintenance and care for prolonged life. The outer appearance of car often reveals how fit a car is. So, no car upkeep process is over without car polishing.

By applying a layer of car polish, you can help to bring out the shine your vehicle had when it first rolled out of production line. Car polishing besides giving gleaming exterior also prevents the corrosion of the car body. Groom your car with best car polish!

Tire Pressure Gauge

Keeping the car’s tires properly inflated brings many benefits. It can result in your tires wearing evenly, prolonging their life and improving fuel economy of your car.

But you can’t always rely on tire pressure monitoring system. It’s important to carry tire pressure gauge with you all the time to check correct pressure.

Car Brake Pads

There is nothing more important than your vehicle being able to stop. No vehicle will stop effectively with worn brake pads and or rotors. So, it’s important to replace car’s brake pads. The reason is- you need to get maximum performance of your braking system by maintaining optimum friction pad depth.

So replace them and you don’t have to worry about your brakes losing stopping power the more you use them.

Alloy wheel cleaner

Perfect looking wheels really make the car pop. Wheels are more expensive than other car parts so, care must be taken to protect this ever increasing investment.

Therefore cleaning is very important for a well detailed car. Cleaning is not only for detailing or shiny looking alloy wheels. Dirty wheels can affect the steering, braking and life of your car’s tires.

To get the dirt of your car’s alloy wheels, it’s better to purchase an alloy wheel cleaner!

You can use alloy wheel cleaner after you have finished washing your car!

Car Repair manual

Order a repair manual for your car from PartsAvatar Auto Parts!

Many of us like to work on their own. You might have started to gather your own car garage tools. But new DIY mechanics forget one of the most important tools of all- an auto repair manual for your car repair.

If you don’t have a repair manual you should really buy one today!!

Car Jump Leads

In the cold winter weather, a flat battery is one of the most common car break down faults. Nobody wants to get stranded in the middle of road in cold weather.

But if done right, a jump start is a safe and quick way to get a car with a flat battery moving again. For jump starting you will need a set of jump leads also called booster cables.

But mind you, if its not done properly, jump starting can be dangerous. If the battery is connected the wrong way, it could overheat and catch fire. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before beginning the process. If you are beginner, you need to be extra careful.

Wheel Alignment

Many of us don’t realize the importance of proper wheel alignment on our cars. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on wheel alignment. But why is it so important??

Well, wheel alignment keeps the car wheels perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another.

When the wheels of your car are not properly aligned there is uneven pressure on tires. When that happens, car faces uneven friction and much more resistance from the road surface.

When you align the wheels properly then there is less resistance from the surface and it results in much smoother ride. So, call your professional now!

Car Air Freshener


Car means world to you and you do not want anything to go wrong with it on either the interior or exterior. There is a way to keep your car smelling fresh using car air fresheners.

Many car companies or car washing companies provide you with one, but they aren’t the best fresheners for your car. So, there are a lot of air fresheners for cars that last longer than others and can be found in lots of styles.

But make sure to know the laws for your state. Numerous states do not allow individuals to have items hanging from the rear view mirror because they add to driver’s distraction.

So before your car starts to smell terribly, stock up on car air fresheners!

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